Messiah:Reverse (Lyrics)

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Track nameMessiah:Reverse
Released2019-12-31 (Comiket 97)
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I translate these songs for fun. Gaining a deeper understanding behind the lyrics of a song (such as symbolism, wordplay, themes, etc.) helps me appreciate the song more. However, translating this song in particular is the opposite of fun, since there is so much meaning packed into the lyrics that doesn’t translate well into English without writing a paragraph out for each line.

Like the rest of Yura’s songs, the lyrics are just a bunch of vague concepts loosely kept together by themes and wordplay. This makes the meaning of the song rather vague as well, as the listener is supposed to infer the meaning on their own. In order to translate the song into English however, I have to assume a certain interpretation of the song since a literal translation is nonsensical.

Draculia (Draculia:Another) refers to the corresponding song in Tanzanite (the “dark” version of this album), whose story is connected to the story of this song. To roughly summarize the events of Draculia:Another, a vampire girl (named Draculia) meets and falls in love with a human who was claimed to be the one who would save the world (the Messiah). The man was very kind to Draculia and appeared to respond to her feelings. She believed so until her very last moments, when she was pierced by holy silver and reduced to ashes. Yura describes the song as a “picture book” which paints a picture of the vampire’s tragic love.

I haven’t listened to Draculia:Another, so I don’t have a complete picture of the story that unfolds between both songs. I honestly don’t like it that much (musically), so I don’t think I’ll bother translating it. For that reason, I left a literal translation for some of the lines because I had no idea what they meant in the context of the story.

Official comment

「哀愁のある美しい白曲です。作詞の苑子ちゃんから解説をいただいておりますので はりつけさせていただきますわよー!曲も歌詞もギターも素晴らしいですわっ。救世主である彼が愛する少女に本当にしたかったことは?がテーマです。
TODO (comments about arrangement). The theme of this song is what the Messiah really wanted to do for the girl he loved. He would repeat the same events over and over again, and sacrifice his own life to break the vampire's curse... or so it goes. I titled it "Reverse" because it covers the opposite perspective of "Draculia".
—Hatsuki Yura


手のひらの駒鳥こまどり 白銀に消えた…

tenohira no komadori hakugin ni kieta
hayaku tsukamaete

The Komadori (the vampire) sitting in the palm of my hand, erased by the silver (blade)
Quickly, capture it!

色褪せた城の底で つぐみは歌い さざめく
煌く硝子に眠る 白夜の少女

iroaseta shiro no soko de tsugumi wa utai sazameku
kirameku garasu ni nemuru byakuya no shoujo
karareru to shirazu

At the bottom of a desolate castle, a thrush (the Messiah) sings, noisily
In shimmering glass sleeps the girl of the midnight sun (the vampire)
Unaware she is being hunted

招かれざる指先 祈りは短く

manekarezaru yubisaki inori wa mijikaku
omoi zanzou ga hane ni tsuyoku fureta

With my uninvited fingertips, a brief prayer (putting fingers together to say a brief prayer)
The heavy afterimage (of the blade) firmly struck her wings

空に舞い降りた 君は美しく
僕は人間だれかを 初めて好きになる
夜に魅せられた つるぎは震えて
闇が包む 心奪うまで 嵐のように

sora ni maiorita kimi wa utsukushiku
boku wa dareka wo hajimeta sukininaru
yoru ni miserareta tsurugi wa furuete
yami ga tsutsumu kokoro ubau made arashi no youni

Swooping down from the sky, you are beautiful
For the first time, I fell in love with “someone” (written humanity, referring to the Messiah’s role)
Enchanted by the night, my sword wavered
Enveloped in darkness, until my heart was snatched away — like being in a storm

予言は叫び 戦慄く
小鳥の少女 偽りも知らず

hangyaku no meshia ochiru
yogen wa sakebi wananaku
kuchikateta ibara koete
kotori no shoujo itsuwari mo shirazu

“The rebellious Messiah, will fall (in love?)”
The prophecy proclaims, shaking in uncertainty
Stepping over the rotting thorns
A little bird girl, unaware of the truth

赦されない恋と リボンを結んで
淡い唇 牙にゆるく触れた

yurusarenai koi to ribon wo musunde
awai kuchibiru kiba ni yuruku fureta

Tying a ribbon around our unforgivable love
My pale lips, gently brushed against your fangs

雪に閉ざされた 世界凍りつく
僕は人間だれかを 初めて守りたい
うしなって 奇跡は無くとも
白く続く… 君を隠すだろう 吹雪のように

yuki ni tozasareta sekai kouritsuku
boku wa dareka wo hajimete mamoritai
hikari ushinatte kiseki wa naku tomo
shiroku tsuzuku kimi wo kakusu darou fubuki no youni

Consumed by snow, the world froze completely
For the first time, I want to protect “someone” (humanity)
Though the light is fading, and there are no such thing as miracles
The white expanse might conceal you, like a snowstorm

何も言わないで 胸を貫いた
僕のすべてを 命を捧げても

nanimo iwanaide mune wo tsuranuita
boku no subete wo inochi wo sasagetemo

Without saying a word — pierced through the chest
I’d give my all, even my own life

空に舞い降りた 涙美しく
僕は必ず 君だけ守るから
夜に攫われた 剣は要らない
炎包む 僕を奪うまで いつかのように…

sora ni maiorita namida utsukushiku
boku wa kanarazu kimi dake mamoru kara
yoru ni sarawareta tsurugi wa iranai
honou tsutsumu boku wo ubau made itsuka no youni

Swooping down from the sky, the tears are beautiful
Because I will protect you alone, without fail
Carried away by the night, I no longer need my sword
Enveloped in flames, until I was snatched away — like in the past (?)